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The New Album from Neil Carlile….

An incredible lyricist and songwriter who cuts to the core with his material which he’s been putting together throughout his lifetime. Also, a huge Springsteen fan.

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Neil Carlile has been writing songs for thirty years but during that time he’s had a day job running a business in London and none of his songs have been heard outside the house!  Encouraged by the response from the 2009 EP “Other People’s Stories” he set about writing and recording ‘No Headlines’. The songs explore the fragility and preciousness of life as well as the importance of love. They are written and recorded by a man in the unique position of being new to the record business at the age of 57!

No Headlines“, the title track was written after his mother died at the age of 56 from Motor Neurone Disease. On the same day in 1981 Bobby Sands, the Irish Republican hunger-striker, also died. Neil remembered thinking at the time that it was interesting whose lives made the headlines and whose didn’t. One life was all over the papers, one passed almost un-noticed. The song was actually written 30 years after the events and the final verse holds out the hope that to live your life for love is the highest ideal – but it also acknowledges that, when it comes to judging lives, “Only time and God will tell…” The song is really for all the people whose family tragedies go un-noticed.


Recorded at Angelic Studios near Banbury.
Produced by Matt Weeks

The crew consisted of Neil Carlile (vocals), Matt Weeks (bass, producer), Ed Carlile (drums, co-producer), Willie Weeks (keys), Connor MacDonald (electric), and Mo Hausler (engineer). Mark Edwards (piano, hammond), Nicki Rogers (vocals), Julian Ferraretto (violin, viola, chin-cello) and Hannah Monkhouse (cello).


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