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The new album from LZ7 Aftershow is about to drop…

Executive production and writing was under the legends that are the brothers Obi and Jorge Mhondera and its safe to say this new album will definitely raise the bar!

weeksweeksweeks™ has been involved in a big way this time round not only writing and producing with them in the studio but also at the live events. Will has been flashing the passport on LZ7 tours to New Zealand and across Europe playing guitar and drums. Lz7 have also success hitting #5 in Holland and top 10 in UK Electronic Chart!

Songs / Production on Aftershow.

Aftershow” – Produced by Willie. First album single.
Joyride” – Produced by Dan and Will
Overcome By Love” – Produced by Willie feat. Matt Redman


We’re looking forward to seeing what the future holds for the LZ7 team!




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