The Incredible Mr Goodwin

March 14, 2013 by

…stunning music for an incredible TV show!!

New and exclusive to Watch TV, Jonathan Goodwin is a new breed of escapologist and professional danger-man, putting himself in the most extreme situations and dodging death, to leave your mind reeling every time.


The brief was simple but tough. Epic. Serious. Expectant. With the show packed full of crunked / dubstep¬†incidental music features Dan pulled a u-turn and headed for very contrasting territory. Classical intensity with a sprinkling of digital sonic wizardry… with picture, the results are breathtaking!




Directed by Jon Richards @iamthejmarker for Objective Productions UK
Bespoke Music for Titles/EOP/SOP/TEASER/ENDTITLES: Dan Weeks @weeksweeksweeks

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