Nick & Becky Drake – Old Chapel Studio

January 27, 2012 by

weeksweeksweeks™ down at The Old Chapel studios in Chichester for latest Nick & Becky Drake production

Its always an honour to be asked directly by the artist to produce their own music, especially when the songs are cool! And there is no exceptions in the latest set of songs from Nick and Becky Drake. This is now the third album we’ve produced for them… and if anyone thinks they were good… well, this album is going to be much much better!

After a week of pre production up in Barnes we took the production down to The Old Chapel to track the core instrumentation. The three day session was tip top. Highlight for all… microwave scrambled eggs!

It was clear from pre production that the pop vibe was calling for a change up in the players this time round. Jerry Brown (Girls Aloud, Jamelia) on kit. Tom Mills on elec gtr, Willie, Dan and Matt Weeks providing bass, synths, beats and loops etc. The results are already dazzling. We’ll keep you posted on the albums release!!


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One Comment on "Nick & Becky Drake – Old Chapel Studio"

  1. Philip on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 11:30 am 

    mike: perhaps they felt like they were so close to Nick (even houtgh, as I wrote on another postI think that Nick Drake is not there anymore we rise and we are everywhere , you know). I don’t expect them to do anything special just the video disappointed me a lot: anyway it’s not a sentence, it’s only a houtght on a blog.

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