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Neil Carlile. A Businessman. A huge Springsteen fan. An incredible lyricist and songwriter who cuts to the core with his material which he’s been putting together throughout his lifetime.

In November 2010 we headed off to Angelic Studios near Banbury. Owned by original Jamiroquai keyboard player Toby Smith. We stayed for four days and the food was unbelievably good!

The crew consisted of Neil Carlile (vocals), Matt Weeks (bass, producer), Ed Carlile (drums, co-producer), Willie Weeks (keys), Connor MacDonald (electric), and Mo Hausler (engineer).

We later added Mark Edwards (piano, hammond), Nicki Rogers (vocals), Julian Ferraretto (violin, viola, chin-cello) and Hannah Monkhouse (cello) and have what’s turning out to be a great second album.

Keep your eyes out for its release in the near future…

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