Martti Saarinen – 2011 Idol Winner, Finland

October 30, 2011 by

Writing success in Finland!

Early 2011, Dan & Will Weeks of weeksweeksweeks™ joined forces with Janne Huttunen of neomusic, Finland and Jorge Mhondera of StarRockMusic, UK for a monster day’s writing at the NEW weeksweeksweeks studio in KingsCross.

Penning a stunning four songs in one day, producer and writer Janne took back  a stonker of a track to push for the Universal Music artist and 2011 Idols Winner Martti Saarinen. The song, “Ala Sano Se Rittaa” was placed on Martti’s debut. The album entered the Finnish charts at No. 10 and is still climbing! Congratualtion boys.. good luck Martti!!!

Listen to the song on Spotify - Martti Saarinen – Älä sano Se riittää

Writers: Dan Weeks, Will Weeks, Jorge Mhondera, Janne Huttunen
Lyrics: JohannaHavu
Label: Universal Music Finland.

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