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album mix done… ready for mastering…

At the end of 2011 Matt Macaulay and Dan Weeks headed in the direction of Finland to seek out mix engineer Juha Jantti at Studio Ilmala. Juha is the weeksweeksweeks™ engineer of choice having mixed around 13 albums for the production team.

Juha’s mad analogue processing set up is fat.

In the terms of “the life of the song”, this was the part where they progress from learning to walk to sprinting! The tunes are sounding stonking, with incredible atmospheres and a truly unique vibe.


Check out the website for production pics, and more videos and information on Matt Macaulay.

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One Comment on "MATT MACAULAY"

  1. Dada Weeks on Tue, 13th Dec 2011 11:01 pm 

    Yeah, I enjoyed that. It looks like hard work. Kind of. Lots of love in those tracks, looking forward to get a copy.

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