Nina Astrom Album Artwork

July 6, 2010 by

Red Team Go Design

The artwork for Finnish singer/ songwriter Nina Åström was designed by Red Team Go. South African based Red Team member Russell Grant joined forces with London based music production house, and Red Team members weeksweeksweeks. This is the second album to come out of this harmonious partnership. A working relationship that funny enough, all started with Russell Grant and Dan Weeks as strangers meeting on plane from Helsinki to Amsterdam. After an hour sipping on mini whisky bottles, the two exchanged business cards and parted ways in Schipol .

After staying in contact for well over a year, Russell Grant showed the company the work completed for João Orecchia’s 2009 album Hands and Feet. At this point, they joined the Red Team Go community, with many exciting Red Team Go projects immediately put into development. As a result of the Red Team Go network, weeksweeksweeks are now able to offer the additional service of album artwork to the artists they produce and record. Dan Weeks has also since gone on to become an important part of the Red Team Go’s infrastructure. Russell Grant on the other hand gets another great album cover in the portfolio, and not to mention the bragging rights for having designed for an artist with cool european characters in her name.


Designer: Russell Grant
Location: Johannesburg

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