Leon Jackson Back Recording

July 7, 2010 by

June 2010, Leon Jackson was back with weeksweeksweeks™ recording new material


weeksweeksweeks™ was delighted to welcome Leon back to the studio for more exploration and development. His recent gig at the Half Moon Putney proved the songs were working well, the fans definitely enjoyed the new style and sound. Check videos of Leon’s Half Moon performance ….

The boys piled into Studio 1 at Badger Cottage to focus on arranging and styling the tracks to suit the direction that Leon is heading in.

A few compositions Leon co-wrote in LA hit the production table along with previous compositions from weeksweeksweeks™ that Leon has already performed live.


A day at weeksweeksweeks™ Studio 1 is never complete without invitation to partake in a football game at St Jack’s Park. Neighbours, Norwegians, guests and family can regularly be seen playing!! Some people however.. get to help with ground keeping!



MB Music Management: Mark Bowater

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