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Bespoke music creation for the creative industries.

Sound design/music searches/one-for-ones/voice overs


.. all in the space of 30secs… right?

FEATURE ARTIST TRACKS – tracks from weeksweeksweeks™ artists

Sometimes the honesty of an original song is EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for…


… slow burners, emotional tidbits, dramatic rendezvous….


Recently commissioned to write for EA Sports, USA – these are some of the left overs

show reel of sorts

Nokia Video courtesy of Nokia Finland Oy

People & Brands we’ve worked with


contact us

Do contact us with your music brief for commercial shorts, film and voice over requirements. We also have experience of creating “one-for-one” tracks… i.e. securing the rights for James Brown or Coldplay for a year might just be too much so we’ll make you something that sounds just like it!

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  1. krisi on Tue, 26th Feb 2013 11:56 pm 

    i love this website! it’s so cool especially the one when you dance with glasses!

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