Nick Drake Recording for Survivor

May 9, 2009 by

Recording his first 8 track EP for Survivor Records with weeksweeksweeks™ at the helm producing, recording and mixing.

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We booked up The Old Chapel down in Nutbourne, Chichester. An old  chapel, renovated and now working as a beautiful studio environment.

ed drumsed drums 3ed drums2saunajason-203ed drums

Joined by Mark Edwards (piano, organs), Ed Carlile (drums)  the boys packed  a trumpet, the old Beverley drum kit (it sang a like a beaut) and called the shots regarding appropriate attire…… suits.

saunajason-42saunajason-220saunajason-20saunajason-130saunajason-156ed floorsaunajason-32

We started each of the three day session down the local pub for morning round of 8 ball and a hearty cooked breakfast. Job well done. Overdubs at Badger Cottage to follow…

bohys on streeed poolsaunajason-94pool menpool shotsaunajason-99saunajason-100

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