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In March ’09 Jason moved to the South of France. After 6 glorious years in Finland it was time to move on. The move has brought with it a new surge of energy and focus. During his relocation the recording of the new Harp Guitar album has been in production. In less than a year Jason has taken his unique style of playing the Harp guitar to new levels with great effect! The new compositions for this album are breathtaking. The stories and inspiration behind these tracks are truly mind blowing.



Some of the tracks have been pre released as music videos. Carter, again never fails to enchant us, the visual is an reminder of the vast amount of time he has visited and shared the lives of so many in SO many many different cultures! Enjoy….





Jason already proved this raising the floor at the 2008 North Amercian Harp Guitar Festival!

“…given his performances, workshops, and work with peace initiatives involving music, Jason has the potential to become the harp guitar’s most visible ambassador to the world.” - FD, The Harp Guitar Gathering



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Website: jasoncarter.net
Myspace: myspace.com/jasoncarterguitar
Facebook: Jason on facebook
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